Thursday, April 19, 2012

ARBCA 2012 GA - Day 3

The final day of the ARBCA GA began with a devotional by Pastor Jeff Oliver from Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Placerville, CA. His text was from Numbers 6:21-26, the priestly benediction. He described the source of blessing--the LORD through whom every blessing flows; the definition of blessing--a face to face relationship with God; how to receive the blessing of God--by grace and mercy. Christ gave up peace with the Father for our sake, that we might know the blessing of God's countenance.

Following the devotional we heard a biographical sketch of William Carey by missionary Sam Masters. This was followed by missionary reports--Jatniel Perez from Cuba and Raymond Perron from Canada and then reports from several of our ARBCA churches.

Lunch was at 12:30--tuna sandwiches, soup, and salad. During lunch several of us met in a room to hear testimonies from two young men, one from Switzerland and the other from Ireland.

We returned at 3:30 for an hour of prayer followed by our theological discussion. This afternoon's discussion was on the topic of church discipline. Several helpful comments were made by several pastors.

Supper was sirloin tips, sausage, potatoes, and green beans. Fellowship during supper was great.

The evening sermon was by Pastor Jon Hueni from Grace Fellowship Baptist Church of Bremen, IN. His topic was, "The Implications of the Incarnation" using Philippians 2:1-11 as his text. He asked the question, "What shall we do with the incarnation?"
1. Believe and confess it. No true Christian denies the incarnation.
2. Adore it. Sing of it.
3. Use it. He is there for us. We can come confidently before the throne of grace.
4. Imitate it. First, in our relationship with saints in the church. Paul urges us to unity and humility in service to one another. Second, with sinners in the world. We need a genuine interest in others. We must get close to sinners--Jesus sends us into the world.

We closed the meeting by singing, "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name." The General Assembly this year was the best I've attended in six years. It was pervaded by a spirit of joy and optimism. The fellowship was warm and genuine. God is working greatly in our association.

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