Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009 Vacation Bible School

We finished our annual VBS last week. VBS means different things to different people. For the adults it is the conclusion of much labor and preparation. I'm grateful for so many in our church who give themselves sacrificially in the labor of Christ. Most of our adults maintain the simple attitude of, "How can I be used." For the children, it's just plain fun. They enjoy the snacks and crafts and the atmosphere of the event.

Of course, VBS is far more than just another recreational event. It provides the church with the opportunity to apply the Gospel of Christ to these young souls. It gives us a tool for inviting children from outside our church in order to spend time with them and press the demands of Christ upon their hearts. As a church, we must continually look for opportunities to speak the Gospel to the lost. It also provides yet one more opportunity for our own children to consider their own souls. One might argue, don't they hear it enough at home? It is indeed a blessing to be brought up in a Christian home with parents that weep over their children and teach them the doctrines of Christ, but we must not deny other opportunities where they can hear it again. Nothing is more important than their soul.

I'm grateful for the opportunity we had to bring the Gospel to these children. May God take His Word and effectually apply it to their hearts.