Monday, September 26, 2011

The first evening of the Expositor's Conference was great. Once again the hospitality of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church overflowed as their membership labored with joyous service.

After a savory supper of fried fish we gathered in the Sanctuary for the beginning of the Conference. Steven Lawson preached from Colossians 1 and Al Mohler's sermon focused on the first four verses of Hebrews 1. This year's theme is the "Preeminence of Christ in Preaching" and both of these men lifted Christ high as they took their texts and exposed all of the choice savor of Christ in the Scriptures. We were richly reminded once again that true preaching keeps Christ as the focus; not just saying nice things about Jesus or even right things about Jesus, but declaring plainly that all of Scripture is a declaration of Christ. We know when Christ has been properly exalted in preaching when the hearts of God's people burn within them as they hear of His excellence.