Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back from the Storm

After five months of distraction from Hurricane Gustav it's time to resume my blogging. God was most merciful and kind through the ordeal. Our congregation demonstrated great maturity. We met the next Sunday after the storm in the dining room of a sister church. The temperature was soaring and we were without electricity. As I preached sweat dripped off my arms. But the Trinity Baptist Church congregation took it all in stride. Our attendance was great and there was almost no murmuring about the inconveniences of being away from our building. God's grace was evident upon His church.

We are now back in our own building. Everything is new! One of my personal blessings was my library. I'd originally feared that most would be lost. After the storm we moved my books to one of the dryer rooms in our building. Many were dripping with water. Most were wet. We threw away a number of books on the spot and packed away the rest in boxes and moved them to the home of a deacon -- his home was the only one with electricity. I assumed the mildew would destroy the lot. While most of my books are marked by water stains and mildew they dried and are still usable. I'll replace them a few at a time (except those what are out of print). I received some gifts that will aid in this. Praise God for His goodness.

We had a banquet a couple weeks ago in honor of Cedarcrest Baptist Church, the church that housed us while we were displaced. They were so gracious to us. Not once did they hint that we were an inconvenience to them, though the presence of our 20+ children cannot go unnoticed. The banquet was a joy as we reunited with these gracious people.

God demonstrated once again His sovereignty through the storm. He again proved Himself mighty in coming to the aid of His people. And He demonstrated again His goodness in giving good gifts to those He loves. Soli Deo gloria!

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