Thursday, June 17, 2010

My iPod

Many of you know I lost my iPod Touch last week. We were at Home Depot and I glanced down at my waist and my iPod case caught my attention. It was upside-down and empty! We searched the store and the parking lot and checked at the customer service desk. Nothing. I checked my truck. Nothing. I checked the couch cushions at the house, just in case it fell out there. Nothing.

Like so many technologies, I've become dependent upon my iPod. I use it for so many things: email, contacts, personal and church calendars, keeping up with the names of visitors, keeping track of my auto milage, and even checking the weather, and it has both the KJV and ESV Bibles and the 1689 London Confession. And all of my music, podcasts, and sermons. The worst thing about the ordeal, however, was the knowledge that someone had picked up my iPod and now had access to all of my email - a possible security risk. Foolishly, I didn't have my iPod password protected. Someone could even send email messages to my contacts as though from me.

Well, I prayed, "Lord, if it would please you, help me recover my iPod. Protect my email information from being missused." I went back to the store on Friday and again on Saturday and again on Tuesday to check if someone had turned it in. I purchased a new iPod - not a cheap solution. I set it up and it was soon just like my old one. Still, the lingering thoughts of someone peeking at my emails haunted me.

As with every trial I sought what God was trying to teach me through it. Was I too dependent on "things?" I was reminded again of how excellent God's ways are. Even in our losses His ways are perfect. Once again, I was reminded of how I must trust Him in all things. I even thought, perhaps it isn't about me. After all, my iPod has two Bible versions on it and lots of Christian music and sermons to listen to. And many of my emails are edifying. Perhaps God is using my iPod to stir the heart of a lost person.

Now I have to tell the rest of the story. Last night we came home from our Wednesday night service and we prepared for bed. I went into the den and noticed the mantel clock had run down so I went over to wind it. As I was winding it I noticed a flat shiny device sitting on the mantel. MY IPOD!! I couldn't believe it. It had been there the whole time.

And so I'm reminded of how infinite the ways of God are. He did hear my prayer. He did protect my email info. He did allow me to recover my iPod. And if I'd been more patient to trust and wait upon Him, perhaps I wouldn't have needed to purchase another iPod. Oh, how He teaches me continually and how slow I am to learn.

So I now have two iPods, but I've always loved having spares. And both of my iPods are now safely password protected.

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AJ said...

I cannot remember all the times that I have been humbled and convicted from similar stories. When the Lord is good to me over and over, His mercies are new every morning, and yet one little snag in my daily life sends me into tizzies. Amen, God help us to trust you more.

BTW, if your new iPod needs a good home, I know one in Texas that will love and nurture it just right!