Friday, January 28, 2011

Osteen Uses the Word Sin!!!

Sometimes I see things that surprise and amaze me. Here's a clip of Joel Osteen calling homosexuality sin. Not only does he use the word "sin" but he declares the Scriptures to be the authority for his conclusion. I'm not ready to endorse Joel Osteen. I disagree with both his theology and his methodology. And there times in this video that he is obviously uncomfortable disussing this matter of sin. But he did say it! He admitted that there are issues of sin that separate us from God and in this I can rejoice. Hallelujah!

UPDATE - 3-22-11

I noticed that this video has been removed from YouTube claiming copyright issues. Hmm... I can't help but think Mr. Osteen is not particularly proud of his statement. I hope I'm wrong but I must say, if I make a public declaration against sin I'm not going to place copyright restrictions on it. I can still rejoice that he did say it, even if the evidence has been removed.

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