Monday, May 31, 2021

The Cure for Spiritual Doubts and Fears

“ . . .for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day” (1 Tim. 1:12 KJV).

A sad malady that is suffered by many Christians is a lack of the assurance of faith. Doubts and fears continually gnaw at their hearts. I recently purchased a book published by Solid Ground Christian Books that is a refreshing balm to our spiritual life. It was written in 1882 by Thomas Moor and titled, “Counsels and Thoughts for the Spiritual Life of Believers.” Moor writes, “One of the greatest hindrances to the spiritual life of the child of God, is a state of continued doubt about his salvation. Such a state has a tendency to weaken the soul for everything good, and to lay it more open to the ensnaring influences of its spiritual enemies. It prevents the soul laying hold on eternal life, and laying claim to the promises of grace for time of need, and robs it of the enjoyment of all those spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, which are its rightful portion.” 

And what remedy does Moor offer to the doubting soul? He writes, “It is essential for your spiritual comfort, that the certainty of your salvation should be with you a matter of abiding and uninterrupted consciousness in mind and heart. Many things will tend to surround this consciousness with clouds of darkness and doubt, and will succeed in doing so, unless you are firmly build upon the true foundation—Christ crucified.” As Christians we must continually have the cross of Christ before our eyes. The words of our Savior, “It is finished” assures us that all has been accomplished. Jesus carried our sins to the cross and we bear them no more. Moor continues, “Look upon your salvation as a thing accomplished once and forever; and live in accordance with this fact.” 

A common source of our doubting is when we turn our eyes inward to our remaining corruption and conclude we are unfit for eternal life. We once again place ourselves under the yoke of the Law and find ourselves condemned. Moor reminds us, “Remember that you have altogether done with the law as a covenant of works. You are now dealt with according to the covenant of grace, in which covenant you forever abide. No failure can remove you from that; for in its arrangement every failure, every sin to the end of your life, is taken into account, and fully arranged for, and completely put away by the death of Christ. By His death you are forever delivered.” The solution for the defeat of our doubts and fears is to look to Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. He has fully accomplished our redemption. He alone is sufficient. We rest in Him who will never fail to accomplish the salvation of those whom the Father has given Him.

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