Thursday, October 29, 2020

2020 Election Results

We are now just days from the 2020 election. Many are calling it the most important election of our generation, and I suppose it is of great importance; but we need to guard our hearts from thinking that everything depends upon it. As I was reading about the end of King Solomon's life and God's judgment upon him for his idolatry, I was reminded of an important truth we are too prone to forget. In Verses 14-26 of 1 Kings 11 we read that God raised up adversaries against Solomon: Hadad the Edomite and Rezon the son of Eliada, and also Jeroboam. These men had been around since the reign of King David. They were around when Solomon ascended to the throne. They were around when Solomon became the wisest man upon the earth. They were around when Solomon's kingdom became the envy of the world, with riches and great power. It wasn't until Solomon turned his heart away from God that God raised them up as adversaries. The point we must not miss is all are under the sovereign rule of God. Their turning against Solomon was not accidental, although they all had their personal motives. They were under the sovereign finger of God. This is true of every leader who has ever held an earthly position. It  was true of Hitler and Stalin. It is also true of every American president. It will be true of the winner of this election.
It is concerning to hear Christians speak as though the entire future of the earth is dependent upon who wins this election. The outcome of this election is under the sovereign hand of God. God has determined our future president. Our God reigns. I'm not suggesting that politics are irrelevant. We are surely commanded to pray for kings and we do not dismiss the importance of carefully choosing those vested with civil authority. I've prayed about this election and I have already cast my vote. But we must never forget that God's purposes will stand. They are far greater than the existence of a single nation or the election of a single president. God has His all encompassing hand upon history and everything us unfolding according to His eternal purpose. He has His eye upon the redemption of His elect and the glory of Christ. Our duty is to keep our eye upon Christ, seated at the right hand of majesty and to keep our minds fixed on things above, not on earthly things (Col. 3:1-2). Our Lord's Kingdom and the propagation of the Gospel far exceeds the outcome of a single election. 
 A far weightier point of contemplation are the souls of men who are speeding towards eternity, where all hope will end. Our prayers must be that God would have mercy upon our generation and that His Gospel will go forth mightily. This is the desperate need of the hour.
Without sounding too insensitive or apathetic, eternity is of far greater importance than elections, stock markets, and pandemics. May God grant us grace and confidence regardless of the outcome of this election, even while praying for God's mercies. And may the realities of Christ and eternity always occupy our chief thoughts.

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